Fundraising Committee

The primary duty of nonprofit organizations is to serve the public. Fundraising is one of the main activities, so the fundraising committee will oversee efforts for fundraising events/ideas and thanking donors/sponsors.

Marketing Committee

The primary duty of the marketing committee is to advertise the nonprofit organization in the community and on various media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Grant Committee

The grant committee will be active in searching for grants and inquiring about the pre-qualifications needed to secure the grant(s).

Volunteer Management Committee

The volunteer management committee will ensure that the volunteers are present and aware of the organizations policies and procedures to safely care for the clients being served.

Volunteer Schedule Coordinator

The volunteer schedule coordinator will be responsible for managing the available volunteer list and contacting volunteers if problems arise. This committee will oversee the volunteer schedule monthly.

Resource Allocation Committee

The resource allocation committee will be responsible for searching community resources and inquiring what pre-qualifications are needed by the organization (Ex: food, toiletries, home goods, etc.).

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Eneida Sierra